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Age of Enlightenment social sciences

Cassirer on Enlightenment in the Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences

Ernst Cassirer Papers, Beinecke Library, Yale University, GEN MSS 98, Box 37, Folder 706A week ago was springbreak inside my college and, breaking with my usual custom of looking for a warm climate to investigate, I made the decision to remain home making some headway around the pile of past due articles and reviews which have been accumulating. Used to do, however, book one visit to yesteryear (which, I hear, is really a different country where they are doing things in a different way) and handled to invest several hrs within the Dwight Macdonald papers at Yale College. My hope was to try and find out if I possibly could discover much more about Macdonald’s November 1940 ending up in Theodor Adorno — the main focus of the conference paper which i hope, sooner or later in becoming articles. There switched to be a great deal of fabric that assisted to flesh the antagonisms which were developing inside the editorial board of Partisan Review at at about the time that Macdonald informed Adorno he could be prepared to publish whatever Adorno could provide him.Envelope Nothing resulted in the meeting and Adorno, consistent with the Institute’s policy of keeping a minimal profile, demurred and headed off and away to La to create Dialectic of Enlightenment. I’d wished which i might have the ability to discover who supported Macdonald towards the meeting (Adorno’s letter to Horkheimer confirming around the meeting mentions that Macdonald was supported by an “associate” but doesn't give his title), but — because it switched out — there have been no smoking guns found.

There have been a few hrs left between your close of Manuscripts and Archives (which houses the Macdonald papers) and also the departure from the train that will take me to the land from the bean and also the cod.Ernst Cassirer Papers, Beinecke Library, Yale University, GEN MSS 98, Box 37, Folder 706 Because Yale libraries have different closing occasions, I could pay a short trip to the Beinecke, which houses Ernst Cassirer’s papers and, throughout time there, I could check out the holograph of his article around the Enlightenment for that Encyclopedia from the Social Sciences, a text that I’ve talked about in 2 earlier posts. When I pointed out within the to begin individuals posts, Hampshire College supports the papers for that Encyclopedia itself, including a few of the correspondence files with authors. But the probability of learning much about Cassirer’s article continues to be reduced with a lacuna within the files that incorporated correspondence with anybody whose surname starts with C. So, a minimum of until I've a while to invest a while within the lovely Pioneer Valley (is that this a fantastic job or what?), the Yale holograph appeared as if my favorite opportunity to learn some thing relating to this odd little text.

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