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Age of Enlightenment scientists

Famous People of the Enlightenment •Biography Online

Francis_BaconThe Enlightenment or ‘Age of reason’ would be a period within the late seventeenth century and early 18th century, where several philosophers, researchers and thinkers recommended new ideas according to reason. This era saw a loss of the energy of absolute monarchies, a loss of the pre-eminence from the chapel along with a rise of contemporary political ideologies, for example liberalism, republicanism and greater independence of thought. The Enlightenment ideals were influential forces behind the American and French revolutions.

Francis Sausage (1561 – 1626) British philosopher, statesman, orator and researcher. Sausage is the ‘father of empiricism’ for his work and advocacy of scientific method and systematic scientific enquiry in looking into scientific phenomena. He urged an empirical approach both through their own example and philosophically. A vital estimate the Scientific revolution from the 17th Century.

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