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Quizzes - The Enlightenment

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Vampires of the underworld from the Enlightenment
Peculiar as it might appear, the happily rational era from the 1700s seemed to be the heyday of popular belief in vampires of the underworld.
10 Q
May 01 07
3759 plays
The Enlightenment

The Enlightenment would be a great intellectual movement that wound up impacting on the American system of presidency. Lots of people, however, know hardly any about this. Are you currently one of these?

15 Q
November 18 06
1680 plays
Philosophers from the Enlightenment

Throughout the Enlightenment in Europe, many philosophers expressed new ideas when it comes to government, laws and regulations, etc. Are you able to answer a couple of questions regarding these philosophers, their works, and values?

10 Q
February 02 11
618 plays
The Scottish Enlightenment

The Scottish Enlightenment was an 1700s intellectual movement which survived from about 1720 to around 1800 it affected politics, art, literature and society across Europe and also the World.

Very Hard
10 Q
Jul 15 07
573 plays
Figures From 1700s Europe

This quiz is on figures in the European Enlightenment, focusing on the other half from the 18th century, and in the French Revolution and also the years directly following it.

10 Q
Sep 11 01
1839 plays
Concerning the European Enlightenment

This quiz tests a fundamental idea of the ecu Enlightenment from the 18th century, with a focus on individual Enlightenment thinkers.

10 Q
August 08 11
327 plays
The Enlightenment

Test out your understanding from the Enlightenment.

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